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Welcome to The Broom Closet, where you'll find links all of my favorite places and people on the web.
If you'd like to be listed here, please contact me.


Tarot Decoded: published by Weiser Books, 2004. This is the first handbook of tarot dignities. This gives no-nonsense definitions and techniques the tarotist can work with to add depth to readings, and to understand hidden links between the cards. You can purchase your own, personalized copy Tarot Decoded right here on the site in the shop section! Just mail me once you make the purchase to discuss what message you'd like written.

newWitch Magazine: A great magazine dedicated to, featuring, and partially written by young or beginning Witches, Wiccans, Neo-Pagans, and other earth-based, ethnic, pre-Christian, shamanic, and magical practitioners. Everyone from Traditional Wiccans to potion-makers to Asatruar to eco-Pagans can find something in these pages. My column Astro-Spell is posted on the site.

American Tarot Association Quarterly Journal: Liz is the editor of the Quarterly Journal and writes the Stars and Cards column. Members can view this publication in color format. www.ata-tarot.com

The Third Rock Almanac: A weekly horoscope and tarotgram written for the Toledo Free Press (look under "horoscope").

Llewellyn: New Worlds of Mind and Spirit: An amazing website dedicated to new world books, articles and much, much more. A must see! ! I contribute to the annual publications: Magickal Almanac and the Tarot Reader.


Villa Revak: The Tarot Journal published an article by James Revak and me called, "The First Systematic Integration of Tarot and Astrology: Etteilla's Correspondences and Divinatory Method." James has kindly posted the full text of this in-depth research article.

Tarot Passages: If you'd like to see new reviews of tarot decks and tarot-related books, and view sample cards of a gazillion tarot decks, take a look at this wonderful site managed by Diane Wilkes.

The Tarot Garden: This shopping site offers an extensive selection of tarot decks from all over the world. You can't find a selection like this anywhere else.

Aeclectic Tarot: Solandia's site offers an array of interviews, reviews, and information about tarot.


Astrodienst: You can get a copy of your birth chart, as well as locations for thousands of asteroids for free. Just follow the simple instructions, fill in the blanks and – voila! – your chart.

Lois Rodden's AstroDataBank: Lois Rodden set the standards for modern birth data collection. Although Lois has passed, her work continues and this site showcases celebrity charts, research information, and a variety of birth data. It's a fabulous resource.

Fixed Stars and Constellations: Astrologer Diane Rosenberg's site offers a variety of information about the stars and constellations. Check out her article about Caput Algol!


Planned Pethood: Providing exceptional and compassionate service for animals in need. Miss Pixie Puss and Selkit were adopted from these wonderful folks. If you have room in your home and want to adopt a rescued cat or dog, and live in the northwest Ohio and southeast Michigan area, contact them!

Venganza.org: One of the funniest sites I've ever seen! If the idea of Creationism makes you gag, then try the Flying Spaghetti Monster...and be touched by his noodly appendage.

PrettyChibi.com: Holly G is an inspired artist and cartoonist. Take a look at her comic book, Tarot Witch, and check out all the groovy stuff she makes, too!

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